Blog 10- Is Disney a Monopoly?

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Disney Plus was released over the weekend and with it more and more people are beginning to call Disney a monopoly that needs to be disbanded soon. But is it true? The Newsy video I found thinks its not as simple as it sounds while Disney has produced the top six movies its not valued nearly as much as the big four; Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Apple.

Disney is valued at a whopping 247 billion but Amazon is valued at 873 billion and Apple at 920 billion, both also have their own streaming services. Disney has seen a lot of success and with the release of Disney Plus, it’s expected to only get further ahead. It may not be the time to disband Disney yet but it will soon be a force to be reconded with in the coming future. Until then, if you are one of the many that got Disney Plus, I did, I would enjoy Disney and the Mandalorian is worth the hype.

Blog 9-Newsy

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With so many news sources today it’s hard to shuffle through them all and find the ones we believe we can trust. Newsy keeps its reporting simple and informative, of course, that’s the goal of any news source, but many leave in the bias.

What I noticed Newsy did that others didn’t is keeping the videos short with the exact information people are looking the answer for. Most videos are about a minute long and most seem to be under five and a half minutes. Honestly, it’s the perfect amount of time to keep people entertained and most likely to return.

I would keep watching it just for these three reasons: length, it’s informative, and unbiased.

It seems hard for some news sources to do this but it’s all I want in my media. I even looked a the widest variety of information that I could find on the site from celebrities speaking out to chicken recall in eight states to tariffs in China and many videos on the Trump Administration. It is heavy on political media but sometimes that’s the exact resource we need.

Blog 8-Hyperlocal News

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Hyperlocal news just can’t figure out how to make the money they need to thrive, yet its necessary to have news sites. So what can they do if no one wants to pay for news when they can get it somewhere else for free?

Ads are the immediate answer but not every business can afford to pay high prices for the ads and it’s hard to get businesses to spend the money. Many have found its easy to get a good following but difficult to get the money to support themselves. It’s not just small publications but big businesses are struggling too to find the needed financial support.

There seem to be a lot of caring and passionate people working for the news but with social media taking up most of the money local news is having a lot of difficulties surviving. Even more, many people aren’t loyal to their news sources. Yes, there are main places they may go but people are very easily distracted and want multiple sites to view.

Blog 7-Downtown Tampa

A few years ago my Dad bought a bungalow right on the edge of Downtown Tampa, it was a shabby small house and the neighborhood was rough. But my Dad was excited about the new project so we spent the next four years fixing up the house with my younger brother. Instantly, we all fell in love with the city life and events that were endlessly hosted downtown.

For my photojournalism project, I’m going to go around taking pictures and comparing how that part of the city has transformed the last few years. There’s always something to discover and new businesses are constantly moving in. Personally, I love the little quaint Cafe Hey located on 1540 N Franklin St. There’s new art posted frequently and they have events monthly, they also have allergy and vegan-friendly food as well as some hearty meat-filled meals to bring anyone in. I’d love for that area to grow and I believe it has a lot to give.

Blog 6: Service Journalism

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It’s easy to take our planet for granted which is why I’d like to do a story on Clyde Butcher. His photographs have captivated his audience for decades, he captures the beauty of what the world has to offer and has recently expanded his journey to Cuba. He continues his art and has met much praise for his efforts as an environmental conservationist.

I’d like to get a chance to see how he perceives the world and if he’s seen any changes over the years. Butcher has explored many warm tropical areas from Florida to California and now he’s added Cuba, I’m curious to know which he prefers and which he’s been most inspired from. Inspired art from around the world can give us an inside glimpse as to how the other side lives. If we expose ourselves to different perspectives it can help us to understand the role we play to helping our planet through art.

Blog 5-Using Story Focus Sheet

Almost every college student can agree that cable television is becoming a thing of the past. Whenever we do move out and the time comes when the apartment offers cable most of us don’t want it or don’t use it. We have Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more like Disney Plus coming out soon. Why pay over $100 for cable when having multiple streaming services can be under $20? Next to the cost, the big argument after that is you can avoid commercials. For merely a few more dollars you can pay to have Hulu without commercials, and who wants to watch commercials?

Well, companies like Nielsen revolve around tracking cable T.V. for their commercials and what the audience thinks of them. So what are they going to do now that cable is dying out? That’s what I’m going to find out and share with you.

Phoenix Marketing International bought out Nielsen’s department for tracking consumer responses to ads and are coming up with new ways to track consumers. After reading survey responses provided by Phoenix and doing an interview with a few of their employees I got some answers. Vanessa Burnham, manager of the evening crew Data Production and Editorial explains that there’s still a lot of money in cable -it’s just changing. Office buildings and waiting rooms are constantly playing something on their television to keep people entertained while they wait, and the ads are still working.

Blog 4- Interview Preparation

I like to think I’m outgoing but when it comes down to it I can clam up when put on the spot. Although talking one-on-one is my strong suit there are still a few things I’ll do before an interview. I start off by researching my interviewee to make sure I’m asking relevant and up to date questions. I also try to throw in one question in the middle that I’m aware they might stumble answering. Nothing too drastic but I want to keep my article about them interesting and real, so it doesn’t seem scripted.

After I have my interview questions written down it’s time to get in the right mindset for the interview. Location is important, some go to Starbucks but I’ll ask my interviewee if they have a place they prefer or if I could interview them at their work place-perhaps in a conference room. It depends on who you’re interviewing. It’s important to keep the goal of the interview in mind before and during the interview. Initially I selected Robert Downey Jr. for my interview but since that would be very unlikely to happen I changed it to Vanessa Burnham from Phoenix Marketing International. We discussed just what her job entailed and how the company is adapting to ratings now that cable is dying out and streaming services are taking over.

I was nervous about the interview but after a stretch before hand, a small pep talk, and getting to know the person I was interviewing I had a blast! It’s all about following the goal of the interview and remaining confident.

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Blog 3-Robert Downey Jr. Interview Extended

RDJ announces nanotechnology to clean the Earth.

Many know the name, some even think he actual name is Tony Stark (a.k.a. Iron Man). Robert Downey Jr. has been in the business his entire life. From his director father, Robert Downey Sr., raising him in the drug and film industry, to learning from his actress mother, Elsie Downey. RDJ has even tapped into the music world with his album, The Futurist, he’s starred in multiple musicals and was even chosen by Elton John for his music video, I Want Love.

RDJ has conquered a lot, including his sobriety. He was fired and lost a lot of faith in Hollywood in 2003 from too much drug abuse. After many vouched for him, including Elton John, he rose up again in his iconic roles as Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes. Now as he retires his famous Marvel suit, RDJ is beginning to take on the role as philanthropist.

Recently, at Amazon’s Re:Mars conference RDJ took on the challenge of cleaning the Earth using nanotechnology and robotics. Starting in April 2020, he believes they can “clean up the planet significantly, if not totally, in 10 years.” Here are a few questions for him:

What brought you to bringing robotics and nanotechnology to clean the earth? How has the response been?

What do you believe the average person can do to reduce the waste we produce on a daily basis?

Do you ever see yourself giving up acting to pursue more environmental work?

Iron Man was instrumental in building the Marvel Universe we know today, who do you think will fill those shoes now that Spiderman is leaving the MCU?

Your father introduced you to the scene at the age of 5. How was it bringing your daughter on set of Avengers: Endgame?

Is there a superhero you’d like to see join the MCU?

How much has playing the role of Tony Stark influenced your decision to start the Footprint Coalition?

Years ago you released the album The Futurist, would you have preferred to have been more involved as a musician than an actor?

Sherlock Holmes 3 is set to release in December 2021 did you always know you were going to return to the role?

What upcoming project of yours are you most looking forward to?

Blog 2- Robert Downey Jr.

There are a lot of amazing actors but there’s one that has surprised me many times as I’ve grown up-Robert Downey Jr. His father, Robert Downey Sr., was a director and his mother, Elsie Downey, an actress. His father immediately threw him into the film and drug addiction world and from there RDJ prospered for decades. It wasn’t until 2003 when he was fired for drug abuse that RDJ began his journey to becoming one of the highest grossing actors today. On top of his success, he’s donated to countless charities and has recently started the Footprint Coalition it’s goal is to clean the earth using robotics. Here are a few interview questions for him:

A few years ago you released the album The Futurist, would you have preferred to have been more successful as a musician than an actor?

Have you ever recented your father for introducing you to drugs or pushing you into acting at the age of 5?

Do you see yourself ever giving up acting?

Iron Man was instrumental in building the Marvel Universe we know today, who do you think will fill those shoes now that Spiderman is leaving the MCU?

Is there a superhero you’d like to see join the MCU?

What brought you to bringing robotics and nanotechnology to clean the earth? How has the response been?

Hello There

Hi everyone! Just a 23-year-old trying to figure out life and experience as much as possible, maybe share some ideas. It might take a bit to find my “voice” for the blog so please bare with me.

I’m always interested in how others perceive the world, one inspiring quote I heard the other day was “people think just because we have different views that they’re hated, that’s not the case.” Everyone has had different obstacles to endure, in sharing some of mine I hope it’ll help others see that everybody has value. There is no room for hate.

Recently I quit my work from home office job and took up a simple barista job at Starbucks. I’m lucky to have the support I need to focus on school and want to make the best of every moment. Currently my main interests have been pretty nerdy watching anime (convincing my boyfriend he likes it too) and slowly getting into the film production industry.

I hope I can post something useful to others and look forward to reading other blogs.

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