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With so many news sources today it’s hard to shuffle through them all and find the ones we believe we can trust. Newsy keeps its reporting simple and informative, of course, that’s the goal of any news source, but many leave in the bias.

What I noticed Newsy did that others didn’t is keeping the videos short with the exact information people are looking the answer for. Most videos are about a minute long and most seem to be under five and a half minutes. Honestly, it’s the perfect amount of time to keep people entertained and most likely to return.

I would keep watching it just for these three reasons: length, it’s informative, and unbiased.

It seems hard for some news sources to do this but it’s all I want in my media. I even looked a the widest variety of information that I could find on the site from celebrities speaking out to chicken recall in eight states to tariffs in China and many videos on the Trump Administration. It is heavy on political media but sometimes that’s the exact resource we need.

One thought on “Blog 9-Newsy

  1. Hey Elena, I agree about the length times of the videos being just the appropriate amount of time to get the message and main idea across to the audience. This approach effectively holds a viewer’s attention. It feels like news sources are embellishing facts regardless of the way they lean, and newsy seems to be doing a better job at delivering the facts. The variety of news is also important. Also, I agree that it seems heavily political, fortunately I am sort of drawn to the political stories, and those type of stories seem to be the juiciest to write about anyhow; this given all that is going on in the news today with impeachment and so on.


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