Blog 10- Is Disney a Monopoly?

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Disney Plus was released over the weekend and with it more and more people are beginning to call Disney a monopoly that needs to be disbanded soon. But is it true? The Newsy video I found thinks its not as simple as it sounds while Disney has produced the top six movies its not valued nearly as much as the big four; Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Apple.

Disney is valued at a whopping 247 billion but Amazon is valued at 873 billion and Apple at 920 billion, both also have their own streaming services. Disney has seen a lot of success and with the release of Disney Plus, it’s expected to only get further ahead. It may not be the time to disband Disney yet but it will soon be a force to be reconded with in the coming future. Until then, if you are one of the many that got Disney Plus, I did, I would enjoy Disney and the Mandalorian is worth the hype.

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